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Equity Trading

Our mission is to be the best local partner for our institutional and retail clients. We recognize that the investment industry is changing rapidly with technology at the forefront and investors will need to adapt. It is our goal to provide our clients with strong execution, liquidity, and ideas driven by deep insights from bottom-up research.

Sucor Personal Online Trading

Sucor Personal Online Trading (SPOT) is a securities trading platform created to facilitate ease of trading for customers anytime, anywhere. SPOT aims to provide access for customers to the Indonesian capital market and equip them with the means of transaction that is straightforward and user-friendly. With that in mind, SPOT is developed as an ingenious, secure and reliable trading platform for customers. SPOT has served customers since October 10, 2012. SPOT app users have reached more than 10,000 users.

The SPOT launch is intended to open access to capital markets for millions of Indonesians. Sucor Sekuritas is committed to providing education and guidance so that customers will understand the benefits of investing in stocks in order to gain provision to achieve what they dream of.

In 2018, as a continuous form of innovation and development, Sucor Sekuritas launched SPOT New Generation to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of the community. By carrying the tagline "TRADING EVERYWHERE", this application is expected to provide convenience for customers to transact anytime and anywhere.

Awards :
- Innovative Company in Providing Personal Online Trading Service in Indonesia Digital Innovation Award 2019 versi Warta Ekonomi.

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Explore Sucor Sekuritas tailored equity strategy solution for corporate clients and fund managements to invest in Indonesian stock market. Our institutional team actively supports equity brokerage, fundemantal idea-generation, and differentiated deal-flow, accompanied by rigorous risk management practices to help market participants in pursuit of alpha.

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